Michelle’s teaching ability is only surpassed by that of her own ability as an actress. The combination of both offers an incredible opportunity to her students and an unforgettable experience to those with whom she performs. I have witnessed firsthand the benefits and positive results her students bring to a casting session and would recommend her classes to anyone interested in on-camera work. She is, by far, one of the most gifted comedic actresses I have worked with and we are lucky to have her in this town!

Lynn Blumenthal – Lynn Blumenthal Casting

I recommend Michelle Hutchison for film, voice and on-camera work because she is one of the best in the business! She is talented; offering experience, creative choices, improv, timing and a depth of understanding for any project. Michelle is diverse. She can perform flawlessly in film, Thin Ice and gives voice to Purina Dog Chow TV spots and everything in between. She also coaches, teaches, mentors and builds careers in commercial advertising and film. I recommend her weekly as well as to all talent that wish to pursue on-camera work. I have invested in her workshops, sending Wehmann exclusives to weekend intensives or six week courses. Michelle, undoubtedly is a multi faceted talent; able to teach and perform. I have been lucky to work with her exclusively for 20+ years. It’s one of my most successful working relationships.
— Susan Wehmann – Owner of Wehmann Models & Talent

Working with Michelle has been absolutely fantastic! I have grown so much as an actor because of how Michelle opened my eyes to the depth and importance of character development. Michelle has coached me all the way to A-list Hollywood auditions and given me the best chance to succeed. Her genuine and authentic style is refreshing and motivating. I would encourage all interested in the craft of acting to work with Michelle!

Ben Utecht – Speaker, Author, Leader. Super Bowl Champion, Indianapolis Colts, 2007

I manage a team of Filmmakers and Producers at an advertising agency in Minneapolis. I attended an Acting for Directors Workshop at NYU Film School a few years back and have been on the lookout for one in town for quite some time now. It was suggested that I reach out to Michelle about creating a custom program for my team and I’m so glad we did. She developed a highly immersive, playful, and extremely effective workshop that gave us a true appreciation of what it’s like to be in the actor’s shoes. By the end of the workshop each filmmaker walked away with critical acting vocabulary and enlightened directing skills they can put to use with their actors in casting, rehearsals and on-set. If you’re a working director looking to improve performances or an aspiring one, I highly recommend you reach out to Michelle!
— Ryan O’Hara Theisen | Olson – Director of Integrated Production

Michelle is an amazing teacher. Her ability to work with any student at any level is what makes her such a great teacher. I came to Michelle with little to no experience at all in acting. I came from a musical theatre background, but the work I did in her film workshop helped me to book plays, commercial work, film and musicals. To me what makes Michelle so valuable is that she herself is still out there acting, so she has insight on what’s current in the business of acting.

Rose Le Tran

As an actress who mainly works in theater, I came to Michelle in order to learn more about on-camera acting. Michelle immediately pinpointed my individual needs and gave me exercises that would boost my skills. Now, not only do I feel more confident in my on-camera acting, but I have noticed that Michelle’s lessons have informed my work on stage making my performances more alive and full.
— Kelsey Peterjohn

I met Michelle Hutchison when I took Intro to Acting at the Guthrie Theatre in May 2013. I enjoyed her class so much that I then took her On-Camera Intensive class and have been working one-on-one with Michelle ever since. I have always been interested in on-camera acting and when I first started working with Michelle, well let’s just say I have come a very long way! I have a background in music and theatre, as well as teaching and I am very used to being on stage and being in front of people. I thought that camera acting was just another form of stage acting, but the more I worked with Michelle, the more I began to see that it is a completely different animal. She is very clear about what I was doing that worked, what didn’t, and how to make the adjustments. Also, she has taught me how to delve into the character I was working on and not fall into the pitfalls of just “reading the lines.” Because I have been working with Michelle I just received some great news that I am going to be represented by the Wehmann Agency. I would not have been able to gain representation with this great agency if it hadn’t been for the guidance I received from Michelle. She is awesome!

Kristina M. Guiffre – Music Teacher/Musician

Michelle Hutchison has been a vital part of our daughter’s life as a young performer. She started with Michelle’s “Kids and Teens” class, was thrilled to be invited to participate in Michelle’s “Master Class,” and had an amazing experience during the “Summer Film Workshop.” Working closely with Michelle, our daughter’s acting skills and self-confidence have grown. Now, as an underclassman, she is regularly cast in principle roles in a very competitive high school theatre program. Thanks to everything that she has learned from Michelle, our daughter is currently represented by a primary Minneapolis agency, recently booking her first paid acting job and appearing in a PSA. We are so thankful to Michelle for so generously sharing her own talent and years of experience with our daughter!
— Beth – Mother of teenage performer

Michelle’s approach to teaching is grounded in the realities of “the business”. She is uniquely qualified because she has sat on both sides of the table as an actor and an assistant casting director. Through patience, humor (she is one funny girl) and concrete knowledge, Michelle teaches actors how to read “between the lines” and deliver truthful performances.

Renée Cardoso Frisch – Actor

My twin daughters have been taking classes with Michelle for 4 years and we’ve found that Michelle has taught our kids much more than just acting, she’s helped them learn how to take constructive criticism and use it to better themselves. Her classes have opened up a new group of friends for my daughters apart from their school friends. They’ve had the satisfaction of being in two short films with Michelle, finding what it takes from start to finish. They’ve both been in a number of shorts and are amazing actors because of Michelle, and have been invited to audition in films all over the country via Backstage.
— Rebecca – Mother of twin daughter performers

I came to Michelle’s class with very little understanding of film and thankfully we hit the ground running. As a teacher Michelle not only has a great sense of your comfort level as a student but allows you to explore and expand it in a safe and friendly environment. Whether it’s a sitcom or a drama thriller she understands how to help you achieve a greater understanding of the role in her class and your choices as an actor in a scene. Having a dvd of my scenes each week has been a great tool to see my growth and learn to critique myself without negative judgement. It’s allowed me to see a difference between making strong specific choices and just emoting.

Franklin Wagner

Michelle’s classes and teachings have helped me grasp the technique required for acting on camera. I feel that the attention Michelle gives to everyone in class really benefits the growth of all of her students. Personally I believe that I have been able to develop as a more successful actress from what i have learned during Michelle’s workshops and classes.
— Katie Law-Gotich

Before my daughter started taking classes with Michelle, she would wonder what it felt like to perform and grow as an aspiring actor. Now, my daughter is being challenged, supported and encouraged to follow her passion all because of the wonderful environment Michelle creates for her students. Michelle’s professional background and hands on style of instruction has given my daughter confidence and knowledge about what her strengths are and what she can do with them within this industry going forward. We would recommend Michelle and her courses to anyone who has the desire to perform!! Many, many thanks!!

Catherine Janey

I had a lovely experience in Michelle Hutchison’s Weekend Intensive on Camera Class. Michelle is like the Yoda of Star Wars, the Gandalf of Lord of the Rings, the Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid, except that she is female and an acting coach in the Twin Cities. Did you know she made appearances in Fargo, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and Drop Dead Gorgeous? Those are sweet creds. Take her class, you’ll be better for it.
— Kim Hermes, actress and model