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Stage – Select Roles

Title Character Venue
Dudley Rigged for Laughter Ensemble History Theatre MN
Dudley Rigged for Laughter Ensemble Brave New Workshop MN
Lysistrata Lampito-Harmony Guthrie Theatre MN
The Canterbury Tales Nun- Alison- Molly Guthrie Theatre MN
Tales of the Expected Ensemble MN Fringe Festival
We Gotta Bingo Rosa Actor's Theatre of MN
Thirst Theatre Various Joe's Garage MN
The Poetry of Pizza Pam Mixed Blood MN
The Bad Seed Mr. & Mrs. Daigle Lounge Theatre L.A
Kirby Mistress History Theatre MN
The Baron Various History Theatre MN
Living Out (Midwest Premier) Linda Mixed Blood MN
Knock! Various Theatre Latte Da MN
Cabin Pressure Sharlyn Hudson Theatre L.A.
Valley of the Dolls Neely O'Hara Mary Worth Theatre Co MN
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane Baby Jane Mary Worth Theatre Co MN
Mystery Cafe Various Various Theatres
The Brain Project Various Univ. of CA- Santa Barbara
Dudley Riggs Brave New Workshop Various Company Member 1989-91
Wymprov Improvisation Remains Theatre Chicago
Comedysportz Improvisation Comedy Gallery Mpls
Dudley Rigg's Brave New Workshop Sketch-Improvisation Company Member
Much Ado About Nothing Ursula MN Shakespeare Co
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead Tragedian MN Shakespeare Co
Wolfwoman of Washington Square South Alice Park Square Theatre MN
PlayLabs Various Playwright's Center MN
Alice in Waterland Alice Small Change Theater – Tour of Atlanta & NYC
Fifteen Minute Hamlet Ophelia Pillsbury House Theater MN